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A Taste of Dakar

…. Jimmy Lewis trains people for the REAL Dakar experience.

 I'm thrilled to bring you the third installment of this documentary series, The Ride of My Life -Taste of DAKAR.  This episode showcases Jimmy Lewis’ Off-road Riding School as we feature some of the biggest names in ADV motorcycle riding: Chris Story, Kurt Forget, Jeremy LeBreton, Fonzie, Kurt Caselli, Chris Blais and of course, Jimmy Lewis.

We made the "Best of the Web" with this video!  Taste of Dakar caught the attention of Nick Calderone, one of the video hosts on the national showRight This Minute TV.

This epic Death Valley adventure video showcases some of the biggest names in ADV motorcycle riding, including: Jimmy Lewis, Chris Story, Kurt Forget, Jeremy Lebreton, Kurt Caselli, Chris Blais, and moto journalist “Fonzie.”

This video will show you first-hand that weekend rides in the adventure motorcycle world aren’t exactly a walk in the park. Join me and my award-winning team of videographers as we document the heart and soul behind the sport of adventure motorcycle riding.

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