Adventure Through Baja California

map of baja.png

As I relax in the balmy climate of Southern California, drinking coffee and being mystified by Neal Peart, the drummer of Canadian classic rock band, Rush, I wonder what my friends are up to in the Great White North. Have they thawed out for the season? Have any of the riders been chased through the forest by a startled moose?

…It is time for them to fly south.

Meanwhile in Branford, Ontario, Dualsport Plus, a motorcycle adventure store had hatched a plan. When the leadership of this company decides to do something, they don’t fool around. When they decided to go on an adventure, they don’t fool around…So what was on their mind?

Cue Mariachi music…BAJA California

Many an adventure motorcyclist have been drawn to the beautiful, yet challenging terrain of Baja, most notably for the Baja 1000 race. From the beautiful Pacific Ocean to the serene and spiritual Sea of Cortez, this 1200 km peninsula stretches south of the border of California and west of the Mexican mainland.


Heading Down

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Whale Watching

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Returning Home

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