Adventure Riding with Brad Barker

Ride along with Brad Barker as he sets out on adventure travels across the globe on his BMW R 1200 GS. Brad is the leader of this group of adventure riders on the mission to explore the world ADV style.  On their BMW motorcycles, these extreme travel adventurers plan to travel the globe, meeting new people and making a positive impact while learning about different cultures along the way.  Each expedition is actively promoted across several social networks through videos, photo galleries and blogs.

On The Ride of My Life, fellow adventure travelers, potential sponsors and fans of extreme travel adventure can follow along to experience the ride alongside Brad, suggest new products to enhance the group's equipment needs, and even plan to join the adventurers on their next trip.

Visit our video gallery to view more incredible videos featuring a variety of adventures and one-on-one interviews with extreme motorcycle gear developers. Meet the people and personalities behind the products and much more.

We are a group of dreamers and adventure seekers on a mission to prove that the spirit of history's greatest explorers and adventurers is alive and well today.

The spectacular views and challenging paths that we take are more enjoyable when someone is riding beside you sharing the experience. Become an Adventure Rider today.

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