Adventure Through Ecuador

Ecuador has been called the center of the earth because of its relative location to the equator. Just as you can imagine, their climate is perfect for the amazon, but what you may not know is that it really has an all climate feel to it. From deserts, rain forests, mountains with snow, volcanoes, there is so much terrain diversity it is astonishing. I was planning to do some adventure travel down there in the future, but tragedy hit and our services were needed. A 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the coast near Manta, Jama, Pedernales and La Chorrera causing over 480 deaths, thousands of injuries and a shockwave to the whole nation. Their economy went down, homes were lost, jobs were at stake and it felt that there wasn't a way out for them. 

Fortunately a Quito, Ecuador based motorcycle club, the Brosters were there ready to offer help. They love to ride and frequently are donating supplies and funds to help the needy in their country. When the earthquake hit, they were ready to bring supplies, medical relief, 50,000 gallons of clean water to those in need. I was lucky enough to help in their aid and bring some relief supplies from the motorcycle community in the United States.



EarthQuake Damage

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Relief Efforts

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