Continental Divide

Approximately 80 million years ago, the growth of the Rocky Mountains in the United States was probably caused by an unusual subduction, where the...

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Jordan Szoke – Canadian Superbike and Trials Champion

On a visit to Canada, I had the good fortune to sit down with the young and legendary, Jordan Szoke. Canada’s famous Jordan Szoke is an expert Trials rider and currently holds over 21 National championships. He also holds the record for the most Superbike Championships in Canadian History with 11 in total and breaking records by winning both Superbike and Sportbike championships for 5 years consecutively.

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Baja Adventure - Dualsport Plus

As I relax in the balmy climate of Southern California, drinking coffee and being mystified by Neal Peart, the drummer of Canadian classic rock band, Rush, I wonder what my friends are up to in the Great White North. Have they thawed out for the season? Have any of the riders been chased through the forest by a startled moose?

…It is time for them to fly south.

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Taste of Dakar 2017

The long road of asphalt ahead of me stretches into infinity and the snow capped peaks of the Eastern Sierras, like the spine of California is perched off my left shoulder for what seems like hours.  Long road trips seem to stretch the space-time continuum. You can drive for hours and it would appear that little distance was covered unless you have varying landmarks to mark your path. At 75 mph, I charted my movement by the obligatory 25 mph in each small town to supplement the police force with speeding tickets.

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Rawhyde Adventure Academy

When you invest in something valuable like BMW GS 1200, the worse thing that you can do is not use it.  The next worse thing is not using it to its potential. I have ridden motorcycles all my life, but it was time for me to go back to basics.

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Taste of Dakar

I love motorcycles…the engines… The feel of the handlebars in my grip, ALL of the gear…"the farkeles"...the lifestyle. I can ride to Starbucks and get thrown under the bus by real ADV riders for being a poser, or meet up with friends and go for a month long international adventure. WTF?! My morning coffee urges are clashing with my motorcycle fantasies. I need more. For me, most of the time, the ordinary is not enough. Am I attempting to serve some midlife crisis? Totally!  But why did I wait this long!?


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Expedition Cambodia

When I was growing up, there were two people that got me fired up to do epic shit. It was Evel Knievel and Indiana Jones. One influenced my passion for motorcycles and the other promised adventure in exotic places with danger and treasure around every corner. You won’t see me attempting to jump the Grand Canyon anytime soon, but the lure of exotic temples being consumed by a relentless jungle was intoxicating. It was time for me to get on a motorcycle and explore Cambodia before it was erased from history from either the powers of nature or the encroachment of humans.

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The World’s Highest Road. Leh City, Ladakh India

The Long Way Around.”  To any adventure rider with occasional access to WIFI, this is the series that called us so loudly and inspired us to ask ourselves “how do I do THAT?!”  When you finish the series, not only do you have a wanderlust hangover, you realize the being able to memorialize the amazing people, majestic landscapes and unique cultures is TOTALLY possible these days. 

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