The weather and landscape may be perfect and breathtaking but the spectacular views and challenging paths are more enjoyable when someone is riding alongside you. Do you have it in you to become an adventure rider?

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If you have passion for life and adventure, consider this your Ticket to Ride. Join Brad Barker on his search for exotic landscapes, incredible rides, succulent food, amazing people, and all of the places and things left to discover out there.

On The Ride of My Life, Brad is constantly looking for the most beautiful and extreme roads and trails around the globe as well as fearless riders who want to join and experience it all with him.

Help Brad tell the story of a lifetime to all the adventurers following him during each ride. Join him on his current or next adventure.  From sunsets, waterfalls, swamps and oceans, to hidden villages, temples, caves, full moons and wildlife, you'll experience it all.  Are you up for the challenge? 

Hello Brad,
Cecil is home in GA and I'm home in NYC. Thanks for taking the time to suit up and take us on an adventure. It was truly a blast riding from Riverside CA, BMW through the mountains to Hell's Kitchen. Meeting up with Rich W. from NYC was wild! Riding with you through the hairpin turns on the mountains to Cook's Corner was awesome. Thanks for introducing us to " The Ride Of My Life.”