Things certainly change when you decide to trade the comfort of your home for the adrenaline of being on the road and if you ask me, the gain is way bigger than the loss; memories, skills, experiences, friends and even a family.

Meet the friends I’ve made during The Ride of My Life and see what they have to say about what we are doing.

Christian E. Garcia

EW Corporation

Excellent job on the video! You have captured the experience of adventure riding in this video. Great job, thank you for sharing! Thank you!
Subject: RawHyde's Expedition Video

Drew Friedrichs

Haven’t even watched half and all I can say is WOW.  What a great job!  
Subject: RawHyde's Expedition Video

Dimitrios Tournas

Every time people ask me why I ride, I point them to everyday people like you Brad, and tell them: "This. This is why I ride!". Can't wait till I watch the episode!
Subject: Taste of Dakar Video

Eric Hall

I am completely blown away by this, Brad Barker. It's epic. It's instantly legendary, right up there with some of the best moto productions. I love the way you tell it as a story and really capture those nuances and depth to what it is we do. Great to see so many familiar faces and to get to see Jimmy Lewis and Heather Lewis featured so well. Bravo.
Subject: Taste of Dakar Video

Alan Taylor, NYPD Retired

Taste of Dakar and the "Ride Of My Life "were made for each other. This is what adventure riding is all about.
Subject: Taste of Dakar Video

Thomas Plywaczewski, Founder, LiteMode

"... I had some time to watch your videos. The Taste of Dakar is really well done. The production level looks top notch..."
Subject: Taste of Dakar Video