Adventure Ride Sponsors

This epic journey wouldn’t be possible without the support and efforts of the people following the tracks of Brad and his bike.  BMW, Klim, GoPro, Schuberth, Nuviz, Black Dog Cycle Works and BMW Motorcycles of Riverside have all provided the professional-quality equipment and gear to safely equip our adventures, Leaving Brad to enjoy the speed and adrenaline of his adventures. 


The Ride of My Life is the perfect resource for travelers and motorcycle lovers around the world. Our visitors and viewers engage and learn about the quality and high standards of all the brands used during each adventure ride. While the group of adventurers demonstrate and document their use of the provided safety products, prospective shopping customers who are following The Ride of My Life can learn more about the brands behind the machines, outfits and gadgets featured on our website's live video, photography and adventure blogs.

Join BMW and other well known brands; put your brand front and center, live on worldwide roads of adventure. Click the button below to learn about our sponsorship program and you can join Brad Barker on The Ride of My Life.