NUVIZ is a joint venture between HOLOEYE Systems and APX Labs. The two companies met while discussing wearable display technology opportunities for military and industrial applications and quickly realized that they were all motorcycle enthusiasts. Together they made the decision to harness their collective expertise to develop a product that they would love to have on their own helmets.


San Diego, California-based HOLOEYE Systems focuses on innovative display technologies for aerospace, military, industrial and life science applications. They specialize in integrating advanced amplitude and phase modulated LCOS microdisplays (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) into display solutions where extremely high brightness, contrast, and/or resolution are required. 

Applications include Near-to-Eye Displays, Helmet-Mounted Displays, Head-Up Displays, Overlay Optics, Fourier Displays and True Holographic Displays.

HOLOEYE Systems, Inc. is a long-term research and development partner for the U.S. Air Force, currently with four SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) programs. 



APX Labs is a software and mobile device development firm based outside of Washington DC with offices in Cambridge, MA and San Francisco, CA. APX (pronounced “apex”) boasts an exceptionally well-rounded team of engineers with a myriad of disciplines spanning such fields as computer vision, game development, real-time networking, electrical & mechanical engineering, Android mobile development, and human factors.

APX Labs is best known for their creation of “Terminator Vision” for the US Military in 2010. This was a groundbreaking application of wearable technology and one of the most ambitious programs ever undertaken in the field.

Terminator Vision laid the framework for various forms of head-worn computing and much of its foundational technology long before Google Glass came along. Since then APX has continued to refine its technology for commercial, medical, and industrial customers.