Operation Ecuador - Launch



The adventure riding community unites people from all backgrounds from around the world. Because of our mutual passion for big adventure bike riding, myself, Jim Hyde from RawHyde adventures, and a very large BMW centric motorcycle club headquartered in Quito, Ecuador called the Brosters, have come together with a fantastic plan of action!  How do we know these guys? They follow my web series and are graduates of the RawHyde Academy!

Next week, I am leaving for Ecuador. A country I've traveled through many times. I am meeting with the senior leadership of the Brosters motorcycle club, as well as the minister of Interior. How is it that we have access to the minister of interior? He rides a GS and is a member of the Brosters!

A small team of adventure riders are going to travel to the afflicted region and get a true assessment of the needs of the devastated villages. Together, we are going to put together a "wish list" of supplies that are still critically needed.

Here's the best part, RawHyde Adventures runs motorcycle tours around the world.  One of their most popular, is to follow the world-famous Dakar rally. To make a tour of this magnitude possible, Jim Hyde has partnered with some very sophisticated logistics companies that have offered to donate not only shipping from Long Beach, CA to Ecuador, but all the shipping containers we need to transport any and all relief supplies that we can donate!!

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