Race to dakar

Undertaking the challenge to become the first amputee in Dakar rally history to race it on a motorcycle is a monumental mission. The further I move forward in this journey the more profound it becomes.
— Erez Avramov

Meet Erez

After surviving a near fatal car accident in 2010 my life turned 'outside in'.  3.5 years of healing and 1.5 years of meticulous preparation for an elective amputation of my right leg below the knee resulted in an unprecedented recovery.  'Preparation for change' and how to maximize success became my indispensable life tool I share on my personal blog that has inspired thousands to realize the potential of overcoming difficult transformations - the inevitable crossroads of life that can either turn your life 'upside down' or be an opportunity to turn your life 'outside in'. I have been blessed to learn from remarkable teachers, experience life’s full spectrum and receive life changing lessons. It is my calling to share them with you and I hope that they will help you as much as they helped me