Continental divide Adventure Ride

Picture a route two and a half thousand miles long, stretching from Mexico to Canada, traversing New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana, with elevations from 4,000 feet to a cloud-scraping 13,000 feet. The path criss-crosses a single geologic feature that rules over most of the North American continent, influencing weather, determining which oceans receive the outflows of thousands of watercourses, creating and dividing habitats—and offering spectacular views to those who challenge its heights. This is the legendary Continental Divide, also known as the Great Divide! And in the Summer of 2014...we rode it.


What: A 10 day motorcycle tour lead by Rawhyde Adventures along the Great Divide!

Who: A group of international motorcycle adventurers from the United States, Mexico, Venezuela and Australia.

When: Summer of 2014

Planning: Rawhyde Adventures handles the route and planning, using their wealth of experience to prepare for anything we may encounter on the tour.

Packing: Just basics and riding gear. Support trucks from Rawhyde follow our group in case of necessary mechanical issues, tire changes, etc. 

The Route: The trip runs between Helena Montana and Albuquerque New Mexico; passing through Colorado and Wyoming.

Scenic Highlights: The whole thing was like riding your bike through a postcard. It's hard to pick favorites, but there was no shortage of amazing sights to choose from.

Food: Food wise, the highlight had to have been steak made by Chris Story. Everyone agreed it was the best they'd ever had.

Scariest moment: Trying to keep up with super-bike champion Aaron Slight and three best mates from New Zealand.

New Friends: This was my second Rawhyde Adventure and I can confidently say these guys set the bar for which all other motorcycle tours will be compared around the world. Camaraderie abounds.

Weather: Torrential downpour from Colorado Springs to Steamboat Springs. Lots of mud resulted in some route changes.

Numbers: 10 days, 6 riders down, 1 hospital visit (but all riders a-okay)

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