Episode 11: Arctic Circle

39…99…79…21 Sounds like the announcement of some winning numbers doesn’t it? Well...You're right! This is the summary of the stats for an Arctic Circle adventure. 39-Hundred miles, 99-Gallons of fuel, 79-Hours of saddle time, 21-Incredible days of adventure riding. This ambitious ride takes viewers from San Diego, California to the northernmost stretch of road in North America: Prudhoe Bay Alaska. The Ride of My Life Episode 11 will explore some of the most iconic routes through the United States and Canada’s western territories, the Yukon and beyond. The only constant on this ride is change: Brad and fellow adventurers will endure everything from Summer heat, rain, elevation changes, and rugged terrain to mechanical failures, fatigue and much more. Along the journey Brad, and various brand ambassadors, will be reviewing every gadget, tool and accessory that helps our modern-day explorers navigate the challenges faced when navigating nearly two-thirds of the North American continent.









Photo by Jupiterimages/Photos.com / Getty Images
Photo by Jupiterimages/Photos.com / Getty Images

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