Check out the video below to find out more about Brad Barker while he shows you the ultimate life of adventure motorcycle riding on his BMW R1200 GS.

The man behind The Ride of My Life is Brad Barker, creator of The HALO Corporation, a private security consultancy that exists to improve the global community by protecting those who cannot protect themselves and instilling confidence and knowledge through training.

As the president and founder of Halo, Brad found himself traveling the world's disaster areas while witnessing some of the most difficult and darkest realities our planet currently faces. One day he pondered the question "Where's all the good news?" and began taking the steps to seek out positive and intriguing experiences on his "life ride".

Says Brad: "It was about time to start discovering the good stuff out there: people, culture, food, cities, mountains, deserts, rivers, and oceans. All of that while on the back of a BMW R1200 GS, simply the best Adventure Motorcycle ever made."  On this journey Brad is discovering that the roads are filled with others who share his passion; people willing to explore and ride the most exotic places in the world.

In addition, there have been several people that have helped him in every country: guides, locals, travelers and the team that makes sure his journey can be seen from every angle. These adventures are inspiring thousands of adventurers throughout the world. … And he’s just getting started…



To inspire people on our way and impact lives in a positive way while we let them change our lives forever.



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