Schuberth Helmets


Schuberth GmbH has specialized in producing head protection systems for over 70 years.

Even in the early days of the company, great attention was devoted to producing immaculate high-quality products.

This strict quality-oriented approach was and still is a permanent feature of their corporate philosophy. Since the late 70's attention to detail and excellence has resulted in Schuberth specializing exclusively on development of premium head protection technology.

Schuberth products from all segments stand for maximum safety and optimum wear comfort. Furthermore, for decades, Schuberth has repeatedly stood out from the competition on account of the company's ingenuity.

As the only helmet manufacturer in the world with its own wind and acoustic tunnels, Schuberth offers fully developed motorcycle helmets which deserve to be talked about in the superlative. For example, the smallest, lightest and quietest flip-up helmet in the world is produced by Schuberth.

The first fully integrated Bluetooth-based communication system was a real show-stopper when it was introduced in 2010. In 2011 Schuberth introduced the SR 1, the first genuine racing helmet for motorcycle sport, opening up a market niche for itself in the process. 

Today Schuberth helmets are exported to 55 countries, and since 2010 the USA has also been supplied through a Schuberth subsidiary distribution source.